It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of St. Scholastica's Girls' School & College. We, the RNDM Sisters owe to our dearest Mother Foundress Euphrasie Barbier for our century long inheritance especially in the field of Formal and Non-Formal Education of young girls. It was she who made once a time a simple trail which her followers have eventually made a path that has led millions to achieve knowledge to become enlightening persons. The intension of our mission is to do everything – ‘All for the Glory of God’ and for the good of the human family. In order to actualize this pure intention, we constantly need to strive to dispel all form of darkness, mainly which causes through illiteracy, from all the areas of human life. For that reason, we call the vision of our Foundress Mother Euphraise Barbier to undertake works of general education. “Of all of educational undertaking we establish or continue is related to the good news of salvation…." Our aim is to promote the integral formation of our pupils with respect to their ultimate goal for the good of the societies to which they belong and for which as confident adults they will share responsibilities.We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life. Learners are continually encouraged to care for others by becoming global citizens and develop a concern and active respect for the environment.At St. Scholastica the educational community strives for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become lifelong learners, as well as help them to be self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers when solving problems that they will encounter in this world. Ultimately, each learner will gain for their life at this institution according to the effort they apply. We look forward to serving our young students for becoming global citizens, as a whole. May God bless all of us. I wish you all the best. Thanking you. Sr. Renu Maria Palma, RNDM.Principal